Medwyn Goodall (new age)

"Anam Cara" in Gaelic means Soul Mate
01-Anam Cara - The Wisdom of Ages
02-Gift Of Excalibur - Lancelot Du Lac   
03-Gift Of Excalibur - Belthane
04-Gift Of Excalibur - King Arthur Two
05-Gift Of Excalibur - The Minstrel
06-Orchid Potion
07-Lady of the Lake
08-Druid´s return
09-Celtic, Pagan - Shadow Hunter
10-Forest Spirits
11-Merlin's Magic - Healing Harmony
12-Celestial Peace

13-Wicca - Druid - Celtic Dawn
14-Moon Goddess - Full Moon Magic
15-Sacred Ground
16-Ancient Nazca-Inca Mysteries
17-Gift Of Excalibur - One Land, One King
18-Music of the Andes - Vicuna
19-Meditation - New Age - Moonlit Whispers
20-Sun Drumming
22-Crystal Healing
23-Wicca - The Gathering
24-Medicine Woman - Invocation
25-Drawing down the Moon
26-Native American - Guardian Spirit-Nature's Dream