In 1982 with my Buick Riviera and Lincoln Mark IV
Marin County, California

My Great Grandmother Komiszár Mária

Who are these people in this picture? I found it in the attic. Is it 1897 or 1997?
My Great Grandfather Laurum István
My Great Grandfather Laurum István
My Grandfather Hernádi Lajos and my Grandmother Kovács Anna
I was 17 years old
With my sister in our village in Hungary.
First day in school 1962
I was 13 years old
Jun 30, 1970  Budapest
I was 15 years old
I was 20 years old
I was 22 years old
With my sister
My village in Hungary
This little girl is my mother
With my mother
Hernádi Irén-Farkas Pálné, my godmother
Hernádi Lajos, my uncle
My uncle and my sister
My Grandmother was 17 years old here. They had four children. My father was the first born son.
My sister when she was 16 years old
Vacation with my family in 1965
My Grandmother and my father