Blade helicopter   

Camano My Flagship a 2.5 meter sailplane
Trico 2.5 meter V tail sailplane

Electro-cat Easy to fly  T tail Electric glider
Gentle Lady Very stable glider.  One of it's flight was published in a book
My AP Airplane   I designed this airplane. Aerial photos and video here
The Razor 300 motor provides plenty of power
Radix-3D Very light Park flyer.  Can fly in small place
Pico-J3-S Park flyer.
I made a special light wing for it.
Used it for AP.  See some videos here
Vandal II
I designed this airplane.  My favorite
Zombie Very fast electric
Small Park flyer with ailerons
   My Air Force with my crew in 2005
CamanoTricoGentle LadyElectro-catMy AP AirplaneTribute3DRadix-3DPico-J3-SVandal IIZombieTinyX
   I told them don't be silly, but they were silly anyway.
    I ordered their favorite food, but they were silly anyway.
    After that I took the smaller kids to the toy store, the bigger kids to the mall, but they were silly anyway.
              Lama V3

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    Aerial Photography 2