My Aerial Photography Airplane

The first version was completed in 03-19-2006

Wingspan: 55 inch

Wing surface: 420 inch²

Weight: 20.0 oz.(without camera)

Camera: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T100 (8.1 Meg) 6.06 oz

Total: 25.25 oz.

Motor: Razor 300 gearless.

Battery: Thunder Power 1320mAH 3 Cell, 3 oz.

Servos: Rudder, elevator, camera control

Destiny is laughing because she can see me in the camera during camera test.
Benedek BE9304B
Good all around profil
airplane need an aerial picture!
Here is a self portrait
But if it is an aerial photography

Landing at
Avenal airport
2.2 MB video

Benedek BE9304B profile
September 30, 2007        Pleasanton, California        Beautiful place, (see the Google Map picture)  good flight, but the landing gear broke
September 9, 2007        Palomares Hills, California
January 1, 2008        Palomares Hills, in the air again.
Testing the wing during construction time

October 25, 2009    Palomares Hills,  29 MB Video

November 1, 2009  38 MB Video
San Ramon
45 MB Video

November 8, 2009