Aerial Photography 2 (AP2)

Built from 2010 to 2012
I designed this airplane.
First time in the air March 12, 2012
Worked on it 191hours.
First I made the design from cardboard, to study how the camera, motor, wheels and wings will fit
Benedek 8356b profile
564 gramm before covering
Doing the horizontal stabilizer
Some pictures during the build
Landing gear test
The Motor Razor 400

YouTube Video
September 2015.  Originally it was hard to get to the servos.  This was obvious when  I needed to adjust them. 
I decided to rebuild. 

First removed the covering.
The servos are installed already.
Over that comes a cover that is held by neodymium magnets.
There is plenty of space for the battery, it is secured by the velcro.
This button turns on the camera.
Cover is behind the camera.
The last cover holds the receiver that is separated from any carbon to avoid interference.