Let's go somewhere 2

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
My son, who coordinated your clothes?
First day in school
Castro Valley my village 
Hayward, Japanese garden
Christmas again (2004)
These girls are so pretty and they still put on makeup
In Milpitas by a fountain (2004)
The golfer
Brandon fell asleep but Spot is in guard
Oh my god my daughter is Chinese
The most beautiful thing in the world
Now days the blonds and red hairs are the natives
Again good weather
Found a flower 2
Artur and Destiny
Highway 24
Livermore scenery
In the car
Native girls at the parade
Livermore scenery
Found a flower 1
And this is San Francisco
By the pool
Castro Valley my village
December 18, 2004
In a Chinese restaurant (2004)
Let's go somewhere (2004)
Hussars at the parade
They piled up all the pillows and jumped on them from here
Princess in training
Harvesting apple
Palomares Hills
With Destiny
IIn Best Buy