Let's go somewhere 1

Winter in California. December 14, 2003
At Stoneridge mall
At the Golden Gate bridge
Brandon's place
My sister Ildiko
San Leandro marina (2004)
In Monterey

Who is this baby 2?

The cream puff is ready
This much I love you
Breakfast with my daughter
In San Ramon
Daddy pick me up
Brandon and Spot
At Starbucks (2003)
Who is this baby?
Rebel without a cause
My daughter
With little Big brother
Chocolate crepes
In Das beigli, das schwarz side und das weisz side. Das ist eine gut beigli
My son
little Big girl
Marina beach
Wedding day (1999)
This is a good noodle
Palomares Hills
Palomares Hills
Closer (2004)
Stanford, California
My family in 2003
Let's go somewhere
We Chinese, we like art (1999)
Castro Valley BART station
Under the backyards
In a dog show, with a collie
San Francisco Mayflower restaurant
In San Ramon (2004)
In Monterey (2005)