Front of the book depository building
They marked the spot with an X. (with my friend Ed C.)
Read in a book and saw it in a document film, some says they shot from here. 
Countless books and movies exist about the Kennedy assassination. When I was in Dallas, twice went to see Dealey Plaza.

Many say the shots came from the Grassy Knoll. I say not possible, because simply one can not see the car coming.

Some says, the shooter was in the drainage pipe.  Small detail, they would have to shoot through the engine motor block.
But from the fifth floor the view is perfect (the museum does not allow people to take pictures from there)

In my conclusion, Oswald was a sorry pitiful person but once in his miserable life he did what he wanted to do.
Here was the second shot
Some says the shot came behind this fence. I my opinion it is impossible. The hill covers the road, when the car shows up there is no time to shot at the spot marked by the X.
Dallas, Dealey Plaza. In this spot, president Kennedy was shot the first time
The famous book depository building where Oswald shot from
The Grassy Knoll


Not possible, they would had to shot through the motor of the car.